Prison Escape Game

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Join princess Juliet in a new great escape adventure! You are her helper, and you must prove you have what it takes to save her. You must overcome several obstacles, but nothing can stop you form saving our beloved princess! Prove your skills and strength in this awesome princess escape game.

Once more, Juliet was kidnapped by the ugly and she needs to find a way to escape the ugly prison. Be a part of this fun prison escape game, fulfill the 4 exciting stages in order to escape that dark place, find the hidden objects, hide from the evil troll and build a raft to avoid the crocodiles. This is an escape game especially designed for little girls and not only, it has great adventures and tasks that will keep you entertained.

This lovely princess game is an escape game combined with multiple missions, challenges, that will make you love this game for girls. Escaping this dangerous prison might seem difficult at first, but you will overcome all the obstacles you will find along the way.

Have fun playing this fun princess escape game and share this wonderful game experience with your friends!

- original story
- great graphics
- custom made sounds
- autenthic character
- dynamic gameplay
- 3 age levels

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  • Prison Escape Game
  • Prison Escape Game
  • Prison Escape Game
  • Prison Escape Game
  • Prison Escape Game




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